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White Knit Fall Transitional: Outfit Details

Running you through an effortless fall transitional look!

Its comfy, chic and totally versatile!

Fall transitional is fun. It makes me that much more excited about fall, and fall fashion! Though, I wish I could just wake up and have the seasons be changed as I sleep..! Haha, because that can't happen- fall transitional looks are essential! Mixing summer clothing with autumn clothing to create suitable wear that's comfortable for the weather and stylish too!

This look here is SUPER simple and effortless, you don't even have to think about. The main concept- shorts paired with a sweater. Add a neutral handbag and boom! You're done!

Let's get into the pieces I'm wearing!

1. White Knit

Photo: ASOS

The exact knit I'm wearing, I bought from Hollister a couple years ago. I've worn it lots and its still in great shape- and most importantly is still white! I can't link you the exact match unfortunately, but I was able to find this cute and similar one from ASOS. It's $45.00 and you can grab it here!

2. Paper Bag Shorts

Photo: Dynamite

I love these shorts! A neutral pair of shorts is a great help in styling a fall transitional look! These are the exact shorts and they're from Dynamite- They are actually on sale for $23.00 CAD right now! You can grab them here!

3. Silver Bar Necklace

This simple silver bar necklace is from Topshop's Freedom Jewelry. I adore the simplicity and lightness of this one! It's sterling silver, costs about $28.00 Canadian and is available here!

4. Nude Faux Leather Handbag

Photo: H&M

Vegan handbags CAN still be cute and are easier to find than you might think! Though you have to compromise on a few things, you don't always have to compromise on style! Many leather looking bags are actually synthetic- it all depends where you get them from!

Unfortunately, designer handbags don't usually tend to be an option.. As the vast majority of successful designer brands believe leather to be luxury and superior product so only produce leather product.. This turns people away from purchasing non-leather or faux- leather because they believe it is an inferior product- or that it is cheap and poor quality. Honestly, sometimes it is poor quality- which doesn't help! They are MUCH cheaper to make and much cheaper to buy- so tend to be mass produced. This leads to some sad handbags.. So anyway- this makes it all very confusing! You want good quality and faux, but those don't usually go together in our society- and until people start to believe that faux isn't a bad thing, it will continue to be difficult and confusing to find good faux bags! The good news is I will always share my favourite synthetic bags here and on my instagram as well as Vegan leather companies that make quality faux handbags!

This one here has not ripped or torn on me yet, so that's good news! I have been loving it so far and got it from H&M! You can have a looksy at it here!

P.S. A good rule of thumb that I tend to follow when searching for faux handbags and investigating a brand is to simply scroll through and scan their pricing. Unless it is from a specialty vegan leather brand, a synthetic handbag should never cost you more than $100.00. They usually average about $50.00 I would say. If you're scrolling through a brand's website and the handbags are two-three hundred dollars.. or more.. They're leather!

That's it for today's post! Happy Friday! xx

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