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Three Pieces that are Perfect for Winter to Spring Style Transitioning

We’re getting into spring transition time! (Yayyy!) As much as I want to jump right into short sleeve tees and dresses, let’s take it slow with these essentials..

1. A cropped long sleeve -

like the “see me long sleeve” from Free People

The beauty of the cropped long sleeve is it mixes spring/summery style with winter functionality.. no bare shoulders, still keeping you reasonably warm, but really showcasing the concept of the springy months (where we love to sport our crop tops!) It’s not quite time to lose sleeves yet but we can still wear crops comfortably (well, somewhat!)

This one I absolutely adore from free people! I love the scoop detail in the back, and the breathability and stretch of the material. I am also a big fan of the texture.. you know I love ribbing! It fits true to size and as mentioned, it’s stretchy! Pictured, I’m wearing the XS. Linked below as well as a few of my top similar options!

FP “See me long sleeve crop” Linked for you right here! (Possibly out of stock, wah!)

Photo: Free People

Photo: Free People

FP “Angie Top” linked here.

(This one is one MAJOR sale! $26.33 CAD!)

Photo: Boohoo

Boohoo “Jumbo rib high neck long sleeve ” crop linked here

2. A bright, pastel tone sweater-

like the “bershka seam front” from ASOS

Something like a lilac, pink, or yellow sweater is the perfect way to add a touch of spring lightness and fun to your look- without freezing your buns off! Pair it with a belted or bow detail pant (my personal favourite) or tucked into jeans or a skirt!

Size down in this one or grab your regular size for a more baggy fit! Pictured wearing an xs!

Linked below with another option!

Photo: ASOS

ASOS “bershka seam front” pink sweater (42.00 CAD) here:

Photo: MANGO

MANGO "recycled polyester yellow sweater" (on sale for $44 CAD!!) linked here

..Just ordered this myself! So cute!!

3. A Sweater Dress-

like the “French girl mini dress” from free people

Sweater dresses give us the ability to wear a dress when it’s chilly- Hallelujah! I really enjoy wearing dresses, and find myself a little bit down when I have to wear pants all the dang time! I remember when I was maybe in kindergarten or first grade and I was trying to pick something to wear.. really leaning towards my favourite hot pink skirt and I remember my mom distinctly telling me I had to pick pants because it was raining out and I CRIED on the floor next my dresser.. because she told me I HAD to wear pants..

So, some things never really change I guess!

Anyways, make sure to wear pantyhose or sheer tights underneath for ultimate protection from cold winds!

This dress from free people. It has a bit of sparkle to it.. (ooh La la!) It’s a gold tone, complete with a circle buckle belt at the waist. I think it’s fantastic for transitioning because of the fitted sleeves and body, you can easily layer on top with a teddy coat, trench, or faux leather jacket! Pictured is XS.

There isn’t a notch on the belt in the spot that I would normally buckle to unfortunately so if you’re someone who’s generally in between sizes, do consider sizing down rather than up if you like a more true/snug fit!

Linked right here!

Some other fitted sweater dress I love:

Photo: Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie

Anthropologie "Mirabel dress" (on sale for $68.00 CAD) linked here. I love the cinched waist on this one!

Photo: Nordstrom

Nordstrom (Topshop) "Turtleneck Sweater Dress"(on sale for $63.00 CAD) linked here! Cannot go wrong with a neutral mid-length sweater dress.

That's it for this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy almost- kind of - springtime!

Until next post! xx

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