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The Rickie Top

Everyone needs a good mock-neck long sleeve in their closet, right? Of course we do, maybe multiple! This one is a bestseller and it’s definitely not hard to understand why.. (it’s life changing!)

Now, I want to start off by explaining how high collars and mock necks are usually somewhat of a pain, (though essential and adorable) and why exactly this one is so life changing.. (You may be nodding your heads here waiting for it.. haha) Ladies, you know! It is because when you put on, or remove the shirt, oh yeah, it rubs against your face- taking your eyebrow AND sanity with it!! Your makeup ends up possibly smudged and your shirt permanently suffers..

One of the first things that attracted me to this particular top is that it is SO DARN stretchy that you can literally stretch the neck over your whole head without catching your makeup!! (unbelievable, I know right!?) AND the top returns to its original shape after so you aren’t crucially stretching out the fabric (a miracle.) It’s soft as a cloud, super lightweight and ultra breathable.

I personally love ribbing in a bodycon. It’s a feature I certainly search for especially in high necked tops and this one did not disappoint me there either! Ribbed, mock neck, soft as a cloud, super stretchy- quadruple win. If that isn’t enough info already, It does not pill and I have never encountered and loose threads either!

I love this top and it’s definitely a basic staple for me. Don’t know what to wear? Rickie top. Don’t want to be too underdressed or overdressed? Rickie Top. Brunch with the girls? Rickie Top. Dinner with the family? Rickie Top. Need I go on?

It comes in black, grey, white, blue, green annnnnd pink! Runs from xs to xl! $40 Canadian and available in store and online worldwide. Ready for the reveal?.. It isssss..

The Rickie Top by Free People!

Photo: Free People


You may even already have it!

I love pairing this with high waisted jeans and a thin belt- which is probably my favourite look for it. I’ll throw in a cardigan or blazer over top as well. It goes exceptionally with a trench or overcoat and also goes great with cigarette pants or a midi skirt (especially a belted one!) Did I mention how cute it is with layered necklaces?? It fits true to size and is 100% cotton, and as usual, I have linked it for you right here!

Let me know what you think, if you try it, and I of course want to see how you style it!

Until next post! xx

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