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The Little Wrap Dress I Can't Stop Talking About

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This dress has certainly been a favourite for me throughout the Summer, and it's also a great fall and fall transitional piece!

You may have noticed I LOVE wearing this piece.. It's so easy to style, so easy to wear, SO comfortable and effortlessly transitions from summer to fall! As it is a wrap dress, you can also wear it as a cardigan or cover up by tying the waist strap on the inside behind your back instead of around you waist. Voila! Two pieces in one!!

It ALSO has a sister! It comes two varieties of the same snakeskin print, but one of lighter tones and one of darker tones. The darker toned version is absolutely perfect for autumn. Now, where did this dress come from? It is.. The Babaton "Wallace" Dress! It's available at Babaton & Aritzia.



As you can see, the varieties are very subtle and keep & focus on the same print- which I love! It fits true to size and is so darn comfortable you'll be reaching for it daily. I've even napped in it, aha! Whoops. I feel like it is a fantastic dress to wear time and time again, occasion after occasion and season after season. This is a year-round style staple; hooray! It's not too often that we find those pieces that are so adaptable and easy to transition. As for styling, I love pairing it with a pair of western boots- so much so that it's hard for me to pick any other footwear when I wear it, BUT it does go beautifully with a pair of kitten heels or pumps.

With Fall SO near, throw a midi coat overtop, pull on a pair of thigh high booties and go grab yourself a cinnamon latte whilst turning all the fall fashion obsessed heads!! SO many possibilities for this one, ahhh!

Accessory wise? Simple gold details really compliment snake print stunner! Mini gold hoop earrings, bar rings and simple details. I personally love good pair of statement earrings every now and again, too! Hehe. You can really play around with combos like you wouldn't believe. So may outfits with one dress!

Something especially noteworthy about this piece is it is ridiculously easy wash and clean, too. Simply turn inside out and throw in the wash! Hang to dry. No dry cleaning required.. YES!! That one is a game changer for me.

Now.. FINALLY.. lets get to those links! The dresses retail for $110 USD, and $147 CAD (as the exchange rate stands currently!) A bit of an investment, but worth it. The lighter version is sadly unavailable at the moment as it was on sale and sold out! BUT, don't fret. The darker version in stock!


Now, the lighter version seems to be out of stock right now, but I've left the link HERE in case it comes back into stock soon!


As for the darker version, it is fully stocked right now and available in all sizes! (Woohoo!) You can get it here!

Which one's your fave?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next post! xx

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