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The Best 5 Vegan Sunscreens for Ultimate Summer Sun Protection

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean we have to take on lobster form! Let’s explore my top 5 vegan sunscreens!

Ahhh summer, almost seems to have just crept up on us. One day it was spring, the next day it was hot and sunburn inducing!

As we know, it’s very important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays, to prevent skin cancer, sun damage and painful and uncomfortable sunburns. The sun may be bright and beautiful but it’s also a giant glowing orb of fire in the sky!! So we have to take the necessary precautions to be able to enjoy its light an warmth down here!

It’s time again for the beach, the lake, biking and hiking.. Patios, summer concerts, and time to wear all those cute summer dresses you’ve been waiting to break out. SO let’s keep our skin happy throughout all the adventuring, and the summer moments and memories in the making. We don’t want those inevitable cute pictures of you to be overpowered by a darn sunburn!

All the sunscreens lister are totally vegan, free of animal derived ingredients and NOT tested on animals.

To the list!

1. Sun Bum SPF 50 moisturizing sunscreen

Photo: Sun Bum

My top pick of the bunch- this sunscreen is ultra lightweight, and does not feel sticky or give you that greasy sunscreen feel! It has a VERY pleasant soft tropical scent that is totally enjoyable without being overbearing or too much. Often times, scented sunscreen can be irritating to your skin and your senses but this one is perfectly balancing the idea! It smells and feels like paradise. This one retails for about 15.99 for an 8oz bottle making it an affordable as well as functional option! Passed the wear test with flying colours as I have no burns to report! No irritation or breakouts, just fabulous sun protection. Sun Bum has a VAST line of products as well. Their sunscreens range from SPF 30, all the way to 70 and they offer varying types. For your lips, face and for your babies too! Find it here!

2. COOLA SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray

Photo: COOLA

Now, I am not typically a huge fan of spray sunscreens. I find them quite messy and erratic in the sense that you never no how it’s going to go.. one second you might have the seemingly perfect application, the next - it’s dripping off your arm all over your new shorts.. HOWEVER, this aerosol has quite a smooth performance and I love the convenience! COOLA is on the pricier end at $49 a bottle but it is a fantastic sunscreen. I’ve linked it here! It comes in Piña Colada, Guava Mango, and unscented. I went for the Piña Colada. It has a delicate coconut scent, but it’s also not too powerful to wear! The sunscreen itself goes on very smooth, does not need a lot of rubbing, nor does it leave white streaks!  (Yess!) COOLA also offers mineral sunscreens for the face and body as well as a vast array of sun and tanning products.

3. alba Botanica SPF 30 Sensitive Sunscreen  + SPF 30 Facial Sunscreen

Photo: alba

Photo: alba

This one is kind of a two parter! Our first pick is fragrance free, and specifically geared towards more sensitive skin. My skin can be picky and sensitive so whenever there is a good sensitive option, I like to take it. Some of the main ingredients include green tea, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Chamomile! It is also free of ingredients that can harm or impact coral reefs and is totally biodegradable! (Yes!!) It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and does not have an unpleasant odour like many more natural sunscreens.. The formula is a little bit on the thicker side so does take a little bit of rubbing, but does not streak or feel heavy! It retails for $19 CAD and you can find it here!

Now, onto the facial sunscreen . I find it’s very important to have separate sunscreens for your body and face. Especially to avoid irritation, breakouts and unhappy skin. Again, no reef harming ingredients, fragrance free and no unpleasant odour! It also doesn’t clog your pores. I am happy to share that this one did not leave me broken out or burned! Was very ease to wear and is a total winner- my favourite facial sunscreen! linked here on amazon!

4. Kiss My Face SPF 30 Sun Spray Lotion

Photo: Kiss My Face

Infused with Hydresia, this sunscreen is also moisturizing! With Aloe, Vitamin E, Sunflower oil and carrot, it promises to deliver even better protection against sun damage with added benefit.  Now this sunscreen has a trigger spray nozzle- makes for a much easier and more direct application than a regular spray sunscreen and I loved the ease of it. No mess, no fuss. No parabens or oxybenzones and is water resistant for 80 minutes. It has a very light, mild scent (that is hard to place) but it’s a pleasurable one for sure! The product goes on a little more thin than many, which I like. I find that thicker sunscreens can sometimes be harder to apply and blend into the skin. No white streaks and no sunburn! Added bonus: the nozzle bottle did not open or leak in my bag! That is definitely a worry with spray sunscreens, but it’s bag safe! This one goes for about about $25 CAD depending on the retailer, and is $23.60 at Linked here. This one is an easier find in the states, but can be ordered here via luckyvitamin and certain varieties can be found on Amazon!

5. Live Clean Sport SPF 45 Mineral Sunscreen

Photo: Live Clean

Out final contender on the list is the Liveclean SPF 45 mineral sunscreen. What I really like about this one is that it is 98% naturally derived (98 percent!!!) and there are no chemicals, synthetics, no petroleum or added fragrance. It’s also hypoallergenic. Now, considering there is no fragrance and that the product is mainly natural ingredients, this one does have a very natural type of smell, more of your standard sunscreen smell, and though that’s not the most appealing, the sun protection is fantastic! I forgot to reapply this one (it suggests to reapply every two hours) and I was still completely burn free after just one application earlier on that day. The formula is quite thick, so does take quite a bit of time rubbing but after a thorough application, will not streak! It also doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost- essential when it comes to suncare! Added factoid about this one is that it’s made right here in Canada too! Such a plus! Retails for $15.00 a bottle depending on retailer and available for $14.25 here!

Well, that ends the list!

Happy first day of summer! Get out and enjoy those rays with your sunblock buddy of choice ;) Chat with and tell me your favourite on instagram!

Until next post! xx

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