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The 5 Best Vegan Lipglosses EVER

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Lipgloss is certainly an undoubted beauty staple. From gloss wands to gloss pots and gloss tubes- plentiful flavoured arrays and varieties, it has been circling the beauty world for, well, decades! I’ve rounded up the best of the best vegan, cruelty free glosses on the market to make all of our shiny lip dreams come true!

Gloss has been big especially in these past couple of years! Has it ever really gone out of style? I mean, how could it! It’s been an essential in our beauty bags for as long and we can remember- we love it. We even put gloss over top of our purposely matte lipsticks after all!

I just LOVE a gloss with a pink/pearlescent tint. Clear gloss will always be classic, and a favourite of mine of course, but I do have an extra roomy space in my heart for that irresistible pink hue! Bubblegum colour if you will! (The inner Elle Woods in me speaking) Sometimes I wonder if I could ever pull of wearing as many different shades of pink at once as she could..

Yeah.. I’d better just stick with the lipgloss..

Let’s get into this list, starting with my ultimate favourite!

1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Lip Gloss in “Peach Fuzz”

Photo: Too Faced

Photo: Too Faced

Peach fuzz is a light and soft neutral pink shade. It’s just the right amount of nude with the perfect glimmer of pink. It delivers the perfect amount of glossiness– AND it smells like peaches. If there’s one thing I am not a fan of in the lip gloss world, it’s when it tastes bad! If it’s hanging out on my lips all day, it has to taste somewhat pleasant, right? It comes in 8 shades which are all vegan! It’s also infused with coconut oil and vitamin E. This is generally my top choice when I wear gloss! I do also love Too Faced' "Lip injection Gloss, which is my top choice for clear, plumping gloss! The "Sweet Peach" Creamy Gloss retails for $24.00 CAD and is linked here!

"Lip Injection" Plumping Gloss linked here as well.

(Retails for $29.00 CAD)

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in “Venus”

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills

ABH gloss comes in 3 finishes, my favourite being the “laquer” finish for a high shine. It also comes in a shimmery metallic finish and a translucent finish.. And 39 different shades to choose from!! As mentioned in the title, my go to shade is Venus! Which is a beautiful pinky/gold. I also love the shade “dainty” more of a peachy, and the shade “girly” which is more of a coral pink. This gloss impressed me over and over again, and is a definite staple in my makeup bag!

Retails for $26 and available here!

3. e.l.f Lip Plumping Gloss in “Pink Cosmo”

Photo: e.l.f

 This gloss is a fantastic budget that option that is still a totally fabulous and effective product! Vegan, cruelty free of course and $7 CAD! (The best part.) It’s formula promises to be invigorating, hydrating and soothing all at the same time to give a gentle plumping affect. The gloss comes in 5 neutral shades, Pink cosmo being my favourite. It’s a soft, pale, petal pink shade– a cooler very Barbie pink if you will! (I’m a huge fan as you might suspect..) Linked for you right here!

4. Buxom Full on Plumping Lip Polish in "Kimberly"

Photo: Buxom

Photo: Buxom

Similarly to ABH, buxom carries 3 finishes in their glosses. High shine, metallic, and shimmer. Kimberly falls under the metallic category which has 10 shades. The shimmer line has 21, and high shine has 2– totalling at 33 shades overall! The high shine category does lack in variety for shades but what the other categories offer makes up for it! Kimberly is a sheer soft pink with noticeable (and gorgeous) sparkle and glimmer. The colour is much like that Elle woods bubblegum pink I described earlier! It has this stunning glisten and twinkle to it that I just adore! Pair it with your favourite soft pink or nude lipstick and I guarantee you’ll be head over heels!

This one retails for $24 and is linked here.

5. Tarte Glossy Lip Paint in “Goals”

Photo: Tarte

Last on the list is the tarte glossy lip paint! Described as a rosy nude, goals is is a darker nude, high shine opaque gloss with a little bit more colour and warmth than the previous listed! It’s a little more rusty toned than pink. It’s definitely a great, neutral tone that will match everything! If you’re not so big on the bright pinks, this is for you! For a more beige or light nude, I also like their shade titled “hella” which is described as a pale nude. For “hella”, I recommend it on top of a warmer nude lipstick or one with a bit of colour. On an already pale lipstick, it can be a little bit too pale! Tarte offers five neutral shades in this line.

This one retails for $25 and I’ve linked it here for you!

SO.. which one is your favourite?

Let me know! Thanks for reading, and until next post! xx

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