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Sweater Weather with Chicwish: My Favourite Vegan Friendly Cozy Knits

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Ahh.. Sweater Weather.. The time for bundling and cozying up is here!! Winter has sure hit like a ton of bricks, and it’s still technically Fall! I even heard we may be expecting quite the flurry next week.. Hmmm..

That said, no Winter Wonderland is complete without cozy Winter clothes of course! That and hot cups of tea, fresh baked cookies.. fuzzy blankets.. holiday movies! Ah, I could certainly go on... I love the Winter time but it’s less enjoyable when you’re not adequately, fashionably bundled. Winter Fashion has always been one of my favourite fashion seasons and man, I just love being cozy, haha! SO it’s time to talk about my Favourite Chicwish Sweaters and why they seem to be the coziest, cutest knits on the planet! Gah!!

If you know me, or have been following me or the blog for a while, you know I wear a lot of Chicwish.. Especially Sweaters. Half my sweaters are from Chicwish as a matter of fact! Yet, I have never published a full on post about them! As December approaches, I constantly find myself reaching for my Chicwish faves and I’m so excited to finally share them with you!

JUST one more thing before I get this list going.. Do you ever find sweaters to feel/be too thin for the weather? I constantly find many sweaters I see or try on to be quite thin! Just not warm - not useful. I am all about practical and useful clothing, and if it doesn’t serve a purpose, I am probably not interested in it. Unless of course it’s too cute to resist.. or maybe has been encrusted with 1000 of the most beautiful diamonds, and I’ve just been invited to the Royal Ball.. and need something enchantingly unnecessary to dazzle the crowd with?? Haha. Though, then I guess it would serve a pretty darn good purpose.. but that’s another story..

ANYWHO, the main benefit of my Chicwish knits (besides how absolutely adorable they are) has got to be how warm they are! It can be difficult to find fashionable sweaters that ACTUALLY keep you warm, LAST, and that aren't made out of animals. They feel good, they’re thick, heavy and cozy and they really do the job when it comes to keeping you warm - with no animal derivatives involved!

NOW, Chicwish does sell wool fabrics/products as well, but below I have listed all my favourites that are of course vegan and free of any wool or animal hair. All 100% acrylic!

1. Diamond Knit

You may have noticed me wearing this oversized sweater not only this season but the past couple as well! I’ve had this one for awhile and am still just as in love with it as I was the first day I got it! It’s one of my favourite knits I own - the pattern, the texture, the balloon sleeves, the softness.. ah! Everything about it I adore. It’s a staple piece for me and I wear it all the time, rightfully earning its place at number one on the list. ✨ Unfortunately, the exact one is no longer in stock at the moment, but I've linked the "Diamond Hollow Out Oversized Sweater" here. A very very similar and just as cozy one! Same oversized fit, same neck, same softness - slightly different diamond pattern! This one goes for $79.00 USD and about $106.00 CAD

"Diamond Hollow Out Oversized" pictured below!

Photo: Chicwish

Photo: Chicwish

Ahh, SUCH a cute one!

Pssst.. here's another great similar option which a cute back tie detail!

Photo: Chicwish

Photo: Chicwish

(I have also linked THIS other similar option/colour *pictured above* for you as the "Diamond Hollow Out" is low in stock!)

2. Cozy Ribbed Turtleneck

Photo: Chicwish

This is the ultimate sweater for layering! The arms are more snug and the body is loose - so coats and jackets fitting over it is a breeze! Thermals also fit underneath it fabulously. It has a ribbed texture, a wide funnel style turtleneck, and fits long. I may just want this one in ever colour.. It’s such a great everyday piece, you can throw it on over some leggings or easily dress it up with jeans and accessories! Did I mention it’s super warm too? It comes in XS- XL and is available in white, beige, army green and grey. It's on sale for $48.90 USD (marked down from $69.90) and $65.00 CAD at the moment. Linked by colour below:



Army Green


3. Crisscross Ribbed Knit Crop Sweater

Photo: Chicwish

This sweater has a gorgeous crisscross design, puff sleeves and ribbed cuffs. It is super duper soft and I find it to be just perfect for a skirt pairing or elegant look. It's also just adorable for a casual look - I love how versatile this piece is and how much you can do with it! You can wear it off shoulder as high or low as you like and the way the fabric is designed, it still sits beautiful however you style it. As you widen the criss-cross to wear more off shoulder, the bottom of the garment tightens slightly - keeping it all in place! I love how this one was designed because wearing off shoulder garments can sure be challenging at times and it makes it hassle free! It's $48.90 USD, and $65.00 CAD right now. Linked here!

4. Knit Your Love V Neck

Photo: Chicwish

Photo: Chicwish

I am yet to get my hands on this beauty personally, but there's a chance you've seen this sweater floating around the internet at some point or another! It is definitely next on my sweater list.. Endless rave reviews and adorable photos of this beauty exist and it's pretty easy to see why! The little heart shaped pom pom details are SO charming! It comes in four colours as well as a turtleneck version! (The "Knit Your Love Turtleneck") It comes in pink, lavender, white, and tan. The turtleneck version comes in a Ivory/cream colour. Sizes range from XS/S - XL/XXL and on sale for $69.90 USD right now (marked down from $99.00) and about $93.00 CAD. Linked by colour below:





Ivory Turtleneck

Well, that wraps up the list! which one's your fave!?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!! xx

~ Caitlin

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