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Succulents And The Home

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Today, we're going to talk about something I LOVE so dearly- SUCCULENTS! We're also going to talk about AIR PLANTS! Having plants in my home brings life, energy and cheer to a space made up of inanimate objects! You sure can't water your walls and the sun will only bleach your furniture!

Succulents are great plants, they're somewhat low maintenance and in theory- pretty simple to take care of. Many of them are not as easy to keep indoors as others and it can still be a little tricky. Now, I don't have the greenest of thumbs, but these guys and I usually seem to get along fairly well! I won't lie, I've killed more than I'd like to admit, but I've also learned from it! They can be difficult, however, they are still an all around brilliant species and there's no reason why you should't give them a shot!

They make lovely decor, they're brightening and mood boosting, they make your home into a little diverse green paradise. There's endless options when it comes to pots and ceramics, you can find or create whatever suits you and your home- and your plants!

They need care, just different from many common and tropical houseplants. They do require lots of light, but not too much! Keeping them by a window is very important to make sure they can soak in the sunlight all day, but not close enough to the window that they become burned. You'll know if they're not getting enough light because they will start to lean towards it. As for water, well.. it's tricky.. Sometimes I succeed in my watering efforts and sometimes it just doesn't work out.. To my knowledge, through trial and error, I've found that they do need a fair amount of water (even considering many have a desert descent), but consistent watering seems to upset them! Don't water them regularly would be my number one lesson. I've noticed that the ones I forget about the most seem to be doing the best. I'm no specialist, but I've found letting them dry up a bit for several days is the best way to go. However, do water them at least once a week!

If you're not thrilled on the idea of it, or you've had bad experiences is the past, there's plenty of faux cacti friends on the market! You can have the look and feel, without the hassle. You can find some beautiful faux plants here on Wayfair, on Amazon and IKEA too! Pictured below is a set of wall mount planters from


Shop: Wall Vessel

Moving on and over to a much easier plant friend to care for- AIR PLANTS.

What I ADORE about air plants goes beyond the simplicity of the care necessary.. or does it..

They have a gorgeous and unique look and appeal to them and best of all require no dirt! NO DIRT! Pop em' in a terrarium, in a glass, in a pot, leave them naked if you prefer! They don't need much! A mist of water every now and again (about once a week), some sun and you're golden! When it comes to sun, they don't need as much as your succulents.. Keep them out of direct sunlight- in partial shade. Water them about once a week depending on the needs or your particular plants and leave them in the sink or any appropriate place available to drain overnight. Simply put them back in their designated space in the morning! You can water them with a spray bottle, gently rinse them in the sink- whatever works best for you and your plants!

If you still want real plants in your home, but really struggle when it comes to taking care of them, air plants are your next best friend. I have many air plants, and they have never let me down! They come in a variety of sizes, widths, shapes, shades..! You can find air plants at your local plant nursery or garden centre. If you're in the Vancouver area, check out Southlands Nursery! TrendyBucks on Main Street as well as The Flower Factory both carry air plants and succulent varieties as well!

Happy planting!

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