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Spring Decor!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Today, we're diving into my favourite spring decor! The season of blooming flowers and singing birds definitely calls for some cheery home accents!

Spring is in! Spring decor is a must for me, I love all the feelings and smells associated with spring and I want them in my home!

Pastels and muted colours scream spring loud and clear into my ears (especially pastel pink) so you will be finding lots of that in this post. Subtle little accents of spring colours scattered around the home gives off the perfect balanced feeling of the season. Overdo it and you'll have a clashing catastrophe of pastels, so pick a pastel or two and stick with the theme!

An essential piece for me is throw pillows! Comfy, cozy, homey- and now spring-ey? Patel pillow accents are an excellent way to bring spring inside.


Shop the look: Pom Pom Throw PIllow

I don't know about you guys, but I think this pillow is SO cute! The little pom poms make it super fun.

If you're not a big pom pom fan, maybe this next on is more for you!

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

Shop the look: Throw Pillow Cover

Now, this guy is just a cover, no pillow included. So grab one of your favorite synthetic pillows and customize! What makes this cover great is that it is simple, yet elegant - and perfect for any home!

Below, I have pictured a couple of my go to comfy pillows. The faux fur one came from Winners, though I've linked a similar one right here. The pillow in front is very classy and affordable! I picked this guy up here at IKEA!

I would like to share a little tip about the IKEA pillow.. if you are vegan like myself, make sure to purchase a synthetic pillow with this cover! IN stores, the pillow and cover are sold together as one, however, the pillow inside is feather down. Remove that pillow and purchase the cover alone as well as a synthetic pillow!

As for the nude/blush throw on my couch, grab a similar one right here!

Next order of business, we'll go into a couple of my favourite little accents from The Pottery Barn!

First off, this adorable little bunny piece. The comfort of nostalgic spring memories and spirit meet elegance right here! When I first saw this, I nearly made a scene in the store. From the right angle, it looks like it's SMILING! Actually too cute.

And seriously, why don't you get a couple outdoor bunnies too! Right?

Photo: Pottery Barn

Shop the look: Outdoor Bunnies Set

Alright, I better get on with it before I start linking you a bunch of ceramic bunnies!

Over to tabletop decor! Plan on having any guests anytime soon? Let's set your table for spring!

Beautiful, earthy, neutral toned runner- affordable price! You can grab my table runner at IKEA.

Photo: IKEA

Photo: IKEA

Shop the look: Table Runner

Candles. I love having candles everywhere and the dining table is no exception. Candles belong to no season (though, be wary in the summer) They don't have to be lit to be gorgeous. Basic, simple, unscented candles- IKEA has your back.. again.

Photo: IKEA

Shop the look: Unscented Candles Set

If you live somewhere very warm, or just have that secret, back of your mind fear that everything is going to catch fire if your eyeball is not glued to the flame at all times, then these bad boys might be for you!

These are the most beautiful flame-less candles I've ever laid eyes on, They are on quite the pricey side starting around $79 a piece, but owning one of these is a worth it investment if any of the above is all too true for you.

You can find them at The Pottery Barn and at West Elm. They come in a variety of different styles and heights. Whatever suits your fancy!

Photo: Pottery Barn

Shop the look: Flicker Flameless Candles

Photo: Pottery Barn

Shop the look: Glitter Flameless Flicker Candles

(They don't have this style available for purchase online but may at certain locations!)

Now, lastly, flowers are an essential part of spring. Having some in the centre of the table always seems to be the perfect finishing touch! Cut flowers aren't going to last long, avoid the sadness, do yourself a favour and get some fake ones!

This specific set, I just ADORE. Faux Hydrangeas in the home look stunning year round, they never really stick to one season and they somehow just burst with charm and grace.


Shop the look: Faux Hydrangea

Pictured below are my very simplistic white faux flowers, I think they're supposed to be baby's breath maybe?

Regardless, pop these in a vase of choice and they'll really set the tone of your space. These are great for Spring because they really remind me of the beginning when all the buds start to bloom.. and the price? $2.49! These I bought from IKEA, linked here. The vase- similar options from CB2 Iinked here!

That's it for today! I hope this article inspires you to bring some spring inside Happy decorating and thanks for reading!

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