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Snowmageddon Essentials

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

I hope you've got Winter tires! With the surprise cold and snow seeming to creep up on us when we, or I least expected it, I feel it necessary to share some survival tips to ensure you enjoy the white blanketed days to come!


Shop the look: Aritzia Mittens 

It's snowy, cold, and we all just want to get where we're going safely, comfortably and fashionably! Warmth is key, do not underestimate the power of gloves and mittens. Walk outside in a t-shirt, but please put some gloves on! In all honesty, you better be wearing a coat too. Point is - gloves are GREAT! For me, they can be the difference between "I need to go home" and "What to do next!"I've linked some of my favourite mittens from Aritzia (Also, half price right now!) as well as faux leather and synthetic gloves from Aldo.

Now, I just want to go over a little itty bitty lifesaving tip: If you don't do it already, wear leggings under your pants wherever you go!Just do it! That's is all.

Now that you've got your gloves, grab your hat! Keep your ears warm and avoid those frozen red ears and pain we all know so well. My go to winter ear protection comes from Aldo! Get my above pictured toque here. If you are like me and wear your hair in a bun 90 percent of the time, grab the headband here!

Photo: ALDO

Shop the look: Aldo Crochet Headband

Okay, its now time to address coats. You need a good coat, and honestly, plain fashion coats/ pea coats- they just don't always cut it! Though beautiful, will not stand up to a snowmageddon situation. You need a #parka. My favourite coat for keeping me warm and toasty in severe weather is from Columbia. It is very hard to find a #vegan friendly coat, ESPECIALLY a parka in an affordable price range and Columbia totally delivered with this one. This is the Canyon Cross Jacket. (Half price right now!!)

Photo: Columbia

Photo: Columbia

Shop the look: Columbia Canyon Cross Jacket

Last thing I'm going to talk about in this post is your car! Winter tires aside, you need an efficient and safe ice scraper/snow brush that doesn't damage your paint or windshield. Put your credit card away and keep your gloves and arms dry and snow free! My favourite feature of a good ice scraper brush is dual ends- one for the ice and one for the snow. The brush you didn't know you needed, the FOAM ended brush, save the scratchy bristles for the tires. Having a foam ended brush for your windshield, windows and auto body is a life saver. The snow comes off clean and easy - no damage. I'm currently using this one from Canadian Tire. It has a foam end, a brush end as well as the ice end and it's adjustable so you can smoothly scrape the snow from every angle! Did I mention it's extendable!? Your vehicle will thank you.

Photo: Canadian Tire

Shop: Canadian Tire Ice Scraper

Photo: Canadian Tire

I hope this post helped you to find some fashionable yet practical accessories for the snow, thank you for reading and enjoy the weather!

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