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My Top 3 Neutral Liquid Lipsticks!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Today, I'm running you through my 3 DEAREST go-to nude lipsticks! All 100% Vegan and Cruelty FREE. YAY!

Nude lipsticks are essential in any beauty bag! They go with absolutely anything and everything, they can be subtle AND they can be glam. Perfect for the everyday! All of my key go- tos actually happen to be nude tones because they are SO versatile.

Today, we're narrowing it right down to my top three favs!

Pictured as follows:

Pure Hollywood - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lolita - Kat Von D Beauty

Maude - Anastasia Beverly Hills

1. Kat Von D Beauty - LOLITA

Oooooooh, Lolita. Lolita has become a beauty staple since its release!

Known for being the perfect nude liquid lipstick, consumers fell head over heels for Lolita when she hit the shelves! The Kat Von D formula is LOVED by makeup fanatics and Makeup Artists alike. It's long lasting, hence the "everlasting" title... The colours are strong and smooth- no streaks or chunky bits! It comes in an extreme variety of shades extending to 54 different shades, and the best of all? It's ALL VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE. ALL OF IT. YESSS, KAT VON D! These shades are not like other brands either, they're very extensive. From your classic nudes, pinks and reds, to blues, greens, purples, oranges- grey even!! Kat's line thinks outside the box, takes beauty risks and bounds and that's also why the Kat Von D line is such a big hit for me. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick retails for $24.00 CAD. $20.00 USD. Price wise? Up there where most liquid lipsticks seem to be but very worth it! Her liquid lipsticks are her best selling product! They are pretty spectacular so it makes perfect sense. Pick up a Lolita and see for yourself!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills - PURE HOLLYWOOD

Pure Hollywood..

Anastasia climbed their way up the liquid lipstick ladder as well! Another major top selling brand of Liquid lipsticks! Anastasia Beverly Hills is a Cruelty Free brand, HOWEVER not all of the products/lipsticks are vegan. They have recently come up with a new VEGAN formula and have/are reformulating many of the popular selling shades! Pure Hollywood happens to be one of them! Pure Hollywood is a gorgeous light mauve pink. The new Anastasia formula is rich creamy and smudge proof! It delivers a seamless matte finish and layers beautifully.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills - MAUDE

MAUDE. #Maude is a new shade that I absolutely adore. Vegan formula, Rich warm brown.. I love brown lipsticks and this one definitely delivers! They can be edgy, they can be casual- there's so much you can do with them! A brown lip and a dark smokey eye, a dark cut crease- showstopper. A brown lip and simple liner or a light halo eye blends beautifully. BROWN LIPSTICK IS BACK PEOPLE. I remember going through my Mom's lipsticks when I was very young searching for ANY lipstick that wasn't brown, ahaha. Brown lipstick was the devil. It seemed like all Mom's owned back in the day were brown lipstick or straight up Vaseline. Was there no in between? Now of course, it's fabulous again and I look back on all those rejected brown lipsticks and think to myself; if only I had access to that many brown lipsticks now.. Maybe I should make a post about all my favourite brown lipsticks.. All in all, Maude is a WIN!

Take risks and get yourself a nice brown lipstick! Starting with this one!

So now you know a few of my favourite neutral #lippies! Maybe they're your favourites too! Either way, I hope you liked this post! Go rock that neutral pout!

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