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My Plaid Coat Pick of the Season

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Where to find it and why I love it!

I’m quite picky when it comes to plaid. Sometimes the combination of colours involved can really steer me away, and some of the more readily available on trend plaid/tartan items are a little too bold for my style! It’s a great trend that I do not want to miss out on just because of a few threads of the wrong colour! Now, I knew if I dug deep enough I’d eventually find something that matched me and my style..

And behold, I did, and while I wasn’t even looking!!

Photo: Dynamite

Photo: Dynamite

I’m going to link the exact coat as well as some similar but variating options.

This find was a bit of a fluke. I was strolling through the mall, just killing time- browsing some stores.. I happen to walk into dynamite and the coat stared right at me all the way from the clearance rack! It was the only one there, and was my size. I tried it on, knew it was meant to be annnnd bam! $50 (marked down from $100) later and one of the cutest plaid coats I’d ever seen added to my closet! (Woohoo!)

As mentioned, the coat is from dynamite! It has a single-button front closure and is a soft white/grey plaid print! 65% polyester and 35% acrylic. It’s on sale for $50 and still in stock in several sizes! I’ve linked it for you here!

And onto 2 other similar styles so we have some options!

ASOS Double Breasted Trench

Photo: ASOS

This double-breasted ASOS trench, I adore! Another longline, grey with a wide white/pinkish checked pattern as well as thinly lined black checks. Fabric is 64% polyester, 33% viscose and 3% elastane. If you’re also petite (5”3 and under), this one may nearly be dragging on the floor without heels - so do keep that in mind, and definitely size down! The pictured model is 5”8 and it falls about mid shin! It’s on sale for CA $62.13 (from $157.80) Linked here!

SHEIN Checked Longline

Photo: SHEIN

Lastly, this longline coat from Shein is simple yet has just enough going on, and is super affordable! I love the elegance of this one. White and black checked, longline, polyester and retails for CA $49.00. You bet I’ve linked it here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you love these styles as much as I do! Which one is your fave!?

Until next post! xx

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