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My Favourite Cardigan for Winter

Cardigans come in ALL sorts of forms, styles and fabrics that we love- making them totally interchangeable through the seasons.. Let’s chat about my absolute favourite one for the winter months and why I’m obsessed with it.

A lot of us associate cardigans mostly with fall and spring.. (I love them far too much to only wear them a couple seasons out of the year!) With so many different options and knits, there’s bound to be a choice (or 10, if you’re me) for every season of the year! Especially winter!

My favourite clothing is cozy & warm clothing. I love Winter fashion the most- I love being bundled up and I love layers! I normally wouldn’t get this excited over one single piece, or one single cardigan but this cardigan HAS to be talked about. It BLEW my mind. I actually almost talked myself out of buying it.. thank GOODNESS I didn’t. It is the warmest cardigan I have ever worn, possibly the comfiest and definitely the fuzziest! An aspect that really drew me to it was the weight! It’s heavy and very thick- ULTIMATE coziness. It feels like the warmest of hugs! It’s super easy to pair with nearly anything and I’ve even worn it in place of a jacket- and survived!

Before I continue RAVING, let me end the anticipation by exposing it!

Photo: Nordstrom

IT'S the.. 4SI3NNA Kelsey Cardigan!

Photo: Nordstrom

Photo: Nordstrom

Purchased from Nordstrom and linked right here for you! It is available in the cream colour I chose as well as pink! (I may have to buy that one too..)

Ok, back to the raving. I LOVE the chunky, thick look it gives and the warmth it provides. It’s textured which gives it a unique appeal especially in the cream shade- and has four cute brown buttons in the front. When I first saw it on the rack, I dreaded looking at the materials tag as I figured there would be some sort of animal derivative used.. but, miraculously, there wasn’t! AH, totally vegan! I jumped for joy in the middle of the store.. and didn’t even care who stared. I know.. How am I this excited about this dang cardigan sweater, right? Anyway, Vegan or not- you need it! Ok, maybe you don’t n e e d it.. but, you could put it on your Christmas list.. Or just gift it to yourself asap .. (you deserve it). The cardigan is 80% nylon and 20% acrylic, normally retails for $96 CAD, BUT, is ON SALE for $57!! (40% off!) I purchased it on Black Friday for this price and it’s still on sale! So worth every penny- or every nickel since we don’t use pennies anymore! It fits oversized so order your usual size or smaller if you want a more snug fit. Head to your nearest Nordstrom, try it on and you’ll know what exactly what I’m taking about! ..Or just trust me and order it! Undoubtedly my favourite cardigan of the season, the year- and maybe even all my years and I thought you might like to know.

Here’s another link for good luck!

Stay cozy! Until next post! xx #veganfashion #vegancozy #fashionblog #bloggerstyle #fashionblogger #fashionbloggerstyle #canadianblogger #veganblogger #nordstrom #fashioncanadians

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