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Lee Coren: Ethical Vegan Handbags

I received this stunning Lee Coren bag in the mail a little while back, and it is finally time to rave about this MUST have!

Now, I want to start this off by first raving about Lee Coren in general.. EVERYTHING on their website, from the handbags to the backpacks and accessories- is vegan and ethically made. All the beautiful product they produce is made without any harm to or use of animals, based in Israel and is handcrafted locally! LOVE! Whether you’re vegan or not, you are sure to swoon over what they have to offer!

The styles are modern and contemporary- yet simplistic, classic and totally practical. Can I have 5, please?

Now that you know a little about the brand, let’s talk a little about the Dulce clutch!

Firstly, isn’t it gorgeous??

Vegan suede with gold confetti accents and a gold chain- and It comes in a few colours besides the baby pink I opted for! (Of course I did, right!?) The quality is amazing, it costs $65 and you can get it here! Soft to the touch, chic and elegant, it easily makes it to my favourites list! I love pairing it with a flowy skirt like the gingham one pictured- it also goes great with leggings and jeans! Any occasion, any outfit, any season - there’s definitely a way to wear it. So so cute for spring though! Ah!!!

On the inside it has a little divider so you can easily organize and place your items so they don’t get all mixed around (a common problem with a lot of bags like this!) Makes it a heck of a lot easier to find something - you’re much less likely to dump all your things on whatever surface is readily available to you in frustration while searching.. Something else you’ll notice is that the chain is quite long! I feel like many clutches and small purses either have no strap/chain or a fairly short one- leaving them hanging around rib level. I prefer my bag hanging around or just below my hip and this one falls perfectly there! The chain is also detachable so if you don’t want it for a certain event, you can just remove it. It’s super easy to clean and comes with instructions! The maintenance and care is also listed on Lee Coren’s website in case you lose yours! I've linked the page here! All in all, I love everything about this bag and this brand! They have so many worth checking out styles, and this is only one of many beautiful handcrafted pieces they create!

Tell me, what's your favourite one?!

Thanks for reading, until next post! xx

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