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Innocent Ice Cream Parlour - Vegan Flavours

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Innocent Ice Cream opened up fairly recently in Vancouver- on Main & 33rd. I am overflowing with joy as I found out they have SIX VEGAN FLAVOURS! AHH!

I popped in earlier today to give it a try and LET ME TELL YOU, it’s incredible.

First off, the atmosphere is adorable- complete with pink walls, framed photos of puppies and ice cream sandwiches (two of the best things in life..) They have t-shirts, bags and tank tops themed with their logo (a little French Bulldog with a halo- super cute) decorating the walls as well as a chalkboard style sign and menu. String lights hang around the entrance to ensure a cozy feeling upon entry!

They serve ice cream in waffle cones, cups AND.. Cookies! They have ice cream sandwiches! V e g a n ice cream sandwiches! Gluten free, too! One scoop will cost you 5.25 and two is 8.25! As for my taste verdict.. Amazing! It’s super creamy, fluffy and light! I tried the coconut based sour cherry crisp and their cookie dough. The two pair excellent together, by the way!

If you’re in the area- take a trip down to have a sweet treat and cool off! You can check out their website here!

Happy ice cream eating, and thanks for reading! xx

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