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Fashion Week: Outfit Details

Running through what I wore to #vancouverfashionweek today! ALL the details on my look including my often-asked-about pink midi coat!

Alright, lets get into the details!

If you know me, you know I LOVE my pinks and neutrals. This outfit is no exception. I played with a few fun textures here- broke up the light tones with some corduroy and accessorized with silver rings and necklaces as well as a couple of rose gold pieces for contrast!

1. The Coat

Photo: Topshop

This is the pink Boucle Jersey coat from Topshop!It is one of my favourite fall pieces this season and I know I will be wearing it until next summer! Its soft, light and still provides a surprising amount of warmth. It is easily paired with a skirt, dress or even jeans! if you're looking for a super versatile, stylish and light coat this season- blush or nude is the colour to go with! It is out of stock in the U.S on unfortunately, but I have linked a similar nude one for you here! If you are also in Canada, however, you can get the exact one here!

2. The Sweater

Photo: ASOS

The ASOS New Look longline acrylic grey sweater.. You can never go wrong with a basic grey sweater this season! Grab it here!

3. The Skirt

Photo: Forever 21

This corduroy mini skirt is from Forever 21- and caught my eye right as I walked Into the store! Corduroy is very trendy right now so its always a great idea to go with an affordable option. I actually love this piece much more than I initially expected, too! This one I bought for $25 CAD but it's ON SALE for $14! Run don't walk! Or click the link here!

4. Boots

Photo: Forever 21

THESE beauties are also from Forever 21- also very trendy right now! You may have noticed I've been wearing them a to lately.. They go with almost anything! I am all for the faux leather pointed boots. I love pointed footwear- it makes me feel confident, classy- and sassy! $34.90 and linked here!

5. Accessories

Alright, last but not least- the jewellery!

E a r r i n g s :

Photo: Oak + Fort

These simple teardrop hoops are from Oak + Fort and come in silver as well as gold (I'm wearing silver). I bought them o sale for $18.00 CAD! I love the simplicity and lightness of these guys. My ears don't appreciate heavy earrings so it's very important to me to wear earrings the don't weigh on my ears. I've linked them here!

N e c k l a c e :

The necklace I'm wearing is from this layered set from boohoo! Something I especially love about boohoo is since they're U.K. based, they offer a flat shipping rate and pay your duties! Because of this, it makes it worthwhile to order from them! They have great affordable prices and carry a large selection of trendy styles.

R i n g s :

Photo: Forever 21

The rings I'm wearing here were mostly from Forever 21, though, some came from other places! Now, I've mixed and match quite few rings here so some were from the exact pictured image above (linked here) and the others are either no longer available or link- able. However, I've linked some other similar silver rings from Forever 21 here to get the same look!

....Annnnd that about wraps it up for this look!

Thanks for reading! Hope you found some pieces you like!

Until next post! xx

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