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Cozy Crewneck: Outfit Details!

The past few days have been pretty gloomy in Vancouver.. Where do you turn when it's June, but too cool out for a t - shirt and still too warm for a jacket? A CREWNECK sweatshirt of course!

Picture this: I'm at home and I want to run to the grocery store- take care of a couple errands.. I'm on the couch in my sweatshirt and sweatpants thinking.. "Well.. I'm dressed.." Knowing I'm coming right back home after and don't want to throw together a whole outfit.. But, still wishing I was just a little bit more fashionable.. Then I think "hang on.. what if I.." I run to my closet, trade the sweats for some jeans, roll up my sleeves, put in some earrings, pair them with a layered necklace.. In a matter of five minutes, I'm casual chic! Boom. Ready to hit the grocery store with #style. Haha, sweatshirts are fantastic- They're cozy, comfortable, breathable.. Perfect for a chilly day! Though, they aren't always the most flattering.. So how do we get the comfort and ease of a sweatshirt with the style and class of say, a blouse or dress shirt? Hm.. How do we take a sweatshirt from the bedroom to the office!? WELL. ACCESSORIES!!!

There's many options here! Jewellery, hats, headbands, undershirts etc. So many fun options! I'm going to run you through what I'm wearing here! It's perfect if you want to stay comfortable and casual, but like to accessorize. Oh, and did I mention.. It's very budget friendly.. my favourite way to be..

Top is Topshop! It retails for $33.00 CAD

Photo: Topshop

You can get it here

Necklace is Freedom Jewellery @ #Topshop. The exact one I'm wearing is no longer available, but I did find a similar one ON SALE! $14.50!

Photo: Topshop

You can grab this one here

This ADORABLE BAG. Synthetic! Polyurethane. Similar to the one I'm wearing- it's Anthropologie. I love this bag more than.. well.. a lot of things! It's so cute, so versatile AND comes in several colours! It's a top seller (I can see why).

Photo: Anthropologie

This round tote retails for $88.00 and can be found here!

And lastly, my jeans.. They fit loose- boyfriend style fit, and the rips are focussed on the knees! That way there's less of a chill coming through.. aha. They're American Eagle! Here they are:

Photo: American eagle Outfitters

They're $64.60 and can be purchased here.

Now, go be stylish AND cozy while running your errands!

Thanks for reading! Until next post! #blogger #vancouver #anthropologie #styleblogger #outfitdetails

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