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Chilliwack Sunflower Festival 2018

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Last week, I hit the road to gaze the gorgeous 12ft blooms at the Chilliwack sunflower festival! Let’s talk all about my visit!

On Wednesday afternoon, my lovely friend Shaelynn and I headed down to Chilliwack to visit the first ever Fraser valley Sunflower Festival! We were thrilled upon hearing of it because we’ve NEVER had one here before. We planned to visit before even hearing of the dates it would be held! We are avid Tulip festival visitors in the spring, so to hear that a sunflower festival was making its way in the summer was quite the delight! Owned and operated by the same great people who bring forth the annual Tulips of the Valley fest- this massive field of flowers opened for business on August 22 and will stay open until the 16th of September!

The entrance is located right on the corner of Yale road and Royal Wood avenue. It flows 5 acres with views of 17 different types of sunflowers!! Seventeen different types.. Crazy, right? Well, it got even crazier when we saw it in person.. As we approached, we were greeted by never ending columns of mammoth flowers! Practically the size of two me’s..! It was stunning. I’ve never seen anything quite like it- the different varieties were so intriguing. There were different little sections housing the different varieties for you to gaze throughout. There were many rows of your standard sunflower too and if you went through them far enough- you’d reach a super cute windmill nestled in one of the rows! I especially LOVED this little deck they had set up for viewing, once you climb up this deck, you can overlook the whole property - and MAN, it is breathtaking!

There are not only are sunflower fields to gaze at when you arrive, there’s also a U- pick field, a flower shop, swing sets and the above mentioned adorable functional windmill- perfect for photo ops! There’s checkers and tic tac toe (played with real miniature pumpkins) for the kiddies, and let’s be honest.. adults too!

Tickets for adults are $6 on weekdays and $10 on weekends when purchased online. For more info and rates, check them out at

We were overall very impressed with the beautiful sunflowers we saw during our visit. The setup was precious- complete with an antique bicycle, swings and wooden frame props for photos..

Everything seemed to flow together perfectly with the flowers. If I could describe it best, I would have to say the whole ambience MUST have felt similar to being the girl in one of those movie montages that discovers and runs through a gIant field of untouched flowers- in slo-mo !

Nonetheless I highly recommended visiting these next couple weeks!

I’ll leave you with some more photos!

Thanks for reading today’s post!! xx happy flower gazing!

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