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#Aritzia Warehouse Sale Roundup

As you may know, the Annual Aritzia Warehouse sale began this Wednesday.. Let’s talk about what I snagged!

So, the famous Aritzia Warehouse sale.. Chances are you’ve heard of it.. You may have even experienced it! You know the drill- get up early, head downtown, walk to the end of a long long line and wait. Why? in hopes of scoring some serious bargains of course! Amongst all the fashion lovers- the hustle and the bustle- the line slowly inches forward- getting you just a tad bit closer every couple of minutes.. closer to those glorious finds that await.. you think to yourself.. ah, the deals..

Once you get in those doors and make your way to the aisles of randomly placed clothing.. it’s HECTIC. people are swooping in, swarming around you to get those discounted pieces! It’s intense, but for the love of fashion you hold your ground! You spend time searching for the right size, the right style, the right price and if you’re ever so lucky, you move quickly and leave with a couple of great steals!

So- Here’s what I found!

1. Wilfred Klum Dress - Nude/blush


This dress was a great deal- $14.99 marked down from $95.00! It caught my eye right away- I found it in several colours including grey, black and olive! However, I wanted it in a nude! I remembered seeing a nude/blush tone version at some point so of course, searched ALL the aisles to find the colour in my size. Perfect for those fall dinners and events! It's a velvet material, form fitting dress and falls mid- calf on me!

2. Wilfred Anouck Dress - Grey


This one was the same price as the previously mentioned velvet dress! With a scoop neck and fitted body, it also makes the perfect night out piece especially for the colder months on the way! It has a very sophisticated appeal to it I find- serious and sophisticated. The colour is a violet/grey tone depending on the lighting. Pictured on the model, it falls just below knee.. On me, however, it is an ankle grazer! #petiteprobs If you are under 5"3 like myself, I would recommend the above dress instead as it is much shorter so does not look oversized on!

3. Wilfred Daria Pant - Camel/Brown


So these have got to be my FAVOURITE purchase from the sale!! AH! I could not find a photo that displayed the colour I purchased, but these are the exact style of pant in the above photo.

Below are mine in the camel colour I chose. These are simply incredible! They feel/fit like leggings but look just like your classic skinny cigarette pant. Comfy & chic! You can really wear these with just about anything- I love the versatility. These are made with "four way stretch" cotton and $135.00 marked down to $14.99. Definitely my steal of the day!

4. Wilfred Daria Legging - Camel/Brown



These are very similar to the above pants except they are VEGAN SUEDE!! AH, right?! I was so thrilled upon learning these existed! I had no idea Aritzia offered vegan leather alternatives until recently! They are the #vegan suede Daria pant. You can have the classic look of suede without having to harm animals, guys! I also purchased these in the camel colour- so many outfit possibilities.

I will admit, they are a little difficult to put on, but once they ARE on- they are very flattering! They offer a very refined look!

Sidenote: If you want to read more about Aritzia's vegan "leather" leggings, click here!

5. TNA Ribbed Leggings - White

Now, I couldn't actually find much info on these online, and only saw one pair at the sale so I grabbed it! These are TNA, but did not have a tag describing the exact style or size on them.. They're kind of a mystery! What I can tell you is that they're very comfy for lounging around the house or under a long sweater. I can see a lot of use for these in the coming months!

6. TNA Gough Dress - White/Grey

I saw plenty of these hanging about at the sale! For clean, casual looks this Winter - I see this one coming in very handy! The oversized fit is sure to bring total comfort and coziness. Pair it with a pleather jacket and a statement necklace and you're set!

7. Community Raglan Hoodie - Cream


This is another top purchase for me! This one actually appeared on my way to the register and I snagged it! I've always wanted a good ivory/cream hoodie actually- and this one takes the cake! It's SO SOFT, first of all! So soft and snug that I could've fell asleep trying it on.. Its very warm which will be great for the coming seasons and weather. It's light and thin enough that it's not going to look bulky or chunky under your jackets either! So whether you decide to take a nap or take a morning walk in it- you'll be comfy, warm and stylish!

8. Aritzia Mittens - speckled/white

I grabbed these right away as I've always loved Aritzia's mittens and winter accessories- and I'm a total sucker for speckled everything! On for $9.99 and undoubtedly the warmest knit mittens I've ever worn. I buy a pair of these annually! They come back into stock every year, these mitts are timeless and loved by many!

9. Aritzia Crochet Headband - Heather/Grey

Last on the list is this headband! Anyone else own multiple crochet headbands? I love the look and warmth of toques, but I have a hard time with hats and my hair! I often wear my hair up too, which makes wearing a toque practically impossible! Crochet headbands have always been a saving grace for me because I can keep my ears warm, wear my hair up or down AND still have a cute look. This one is a speckled heather grey.. (see, told you I was a sucker for speckles) and has a simple cross in the front instead of a knot.

Well, that's it for my warehouse sale roundup! I hope you get a chance to check it out and stock up for fall! The sale ends Monday, September 3rd. It's on 7am-9pm Saturday and 9am-7pm Sunday and Monday!

Thanks for reading, and happy bargain hunting!

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