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Abbotsford Tulip Festival 2018

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Today, we're going to talk about the beautiful Abbotsford Tulip Festival! I'll be recapping my visit this year and sharing some highlights - and photos of course!

TULIPSSS!! One of the most beautiful parts of spring if you ask me.. I decorate with tulips until they are completely out of season. They are such happy flowers, I love the feeling and brightness they bring to my home!

I took a trip to the Tulip Festival this year with my LOVELY friend Shaelynn, and as per usual- I was wowed. It's just so stunning how this ENTIRE massive field is blanketed by tulips upon tulips upon tulips! I always think about the work put in, the gardening.. the meticulous layout to make sure the pattern of rows flows exactly how it does! Incredible. It was quite rainy when we went, but the show must go on and we still made sure to soak in the views and capture as many photos as we could!

Like Shaelynn's bag? Me too.. Fun fact; we have the SAME one! BEST thing about it is it's totally synthetic! You can get it here

UM, how stunning is Shaelynn!!????

The ticketing, directions and all around general organization this year ran much smoother than my previous visit in 2015. Tickets are bought online, they are about $8-12 dollars depending on the time of day you visit. They have different rates for toddlers, children, seniors etc. (They can all be found right here.) The ticket is all you need to get in! No parking fee, no stressful drive by ticket booths, it's a great system this year and I was very pleased with it! SO nice.

Once you get inside, you are met with the breathtaking view of endless bright tulips! They are laid out in rows of different colours and stretch across the whole field. There are little pockets and pathways between rows where you can walk to get a closer look- or snap some pics! There are also several little pink benches scattered for you to take a seat so you can really take it all in! Haha. Not only can you view tulips, you can also cut and buy them! If you do not want to cut them yourself, they sell pre-cut and potted ones too! They have a separate field for cutting your own and they cost $1 per stem! You don't pick them, or remove the bulbs- as you want to ensure they still grow again! So that of course is super neat! Nature is just amazing isn't it. I purchased a few potted tulips myself since I love them so much! ANYWAY, if you haven't yet been to the tulip festival, I definitely recommend it! IF you have, tell me what you enjoyed the most!

MORE PHOTOS below!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks for reading! #tulips #tulipfestival #sunday #vancouverblog

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