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2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Today, I'm running you through 15 awesome and vegan-friendly Father's Day gift ideas! I've spent all morning rounding these up so I hope you're as excited about them as I am!

In the next couple images, I've attached all the photos into a little guideso you can see the ideas at a glance before I go into them! As well as keep them in your camera roll or social channels!

So, with veganism in mind- gifting always proves to be somewhat difficult.. It’s difficult because even though your friends or family members may not be vegan- You are! That means YOU may not be comfortable purchasing or gifting non vegan items. I know I’m not! The dilemma here is you still want to find or create something that they would love and appreciate without going against your own morals.. But you’re not sure what that would be.. so voila - my gift guide! 

This guide encompasses all sorts of Dads! I’ve designed this guide specifically with my Dad in mind, but it’s focus is really any Father figure! My Dad is more of the rough n’ tough outdoorsy type.. Not super into excessive luxury products or fancy clothing. He likes practical, useful items that can be used in his everyday life!

He works outdoors, enjoys outdoor activities (especially offroading) - and more strenuous activities.. but, what Dad doesn’t deserve a little bit of fashion and extravagance too? No matter if you’re gifting to your own Dad or the Father of your children.. No matter who Dad is, or what he does- I hope you can find a couple of ideas in my guide that will help to find him the perfect gift this Father’s Day! 

Starting off the list with the Shaving picks!

1. Imperial Field Shave Soap

Photo: Imperial Barber Grade Products

Photo: Imperial Barber grade products

This here is a scent-free mild shave soap! It's Sulfate free AND Lanolin (sheep sweat, basically) free.. AMAZING! It is also not tested on animals! Definitely perfect for when you don't want your shaving soap/cream scent mixing with the scent of your aftershave.. It's top rated, totally vegan and cruelty free and costs $12 USD so about $15.60 Canadian. You can get it here! (You can also get it in the canister pictured above!)

2. Merkur 23C Long-Handle Double-Edge Safety Razor

Photo: Fendrihan

If your Dad is the avid shaver.. this is for you! Well- him- technically! This puppy can be found right here! Price is $48.50

3. Fendrihan Synthetic Shaving Brush with Resin Handle

Photo: Fendrihan

This shaving brush is also Fedrihan. It is completely synthetic, it's elegantly designed and is described to be very gentle and soft against the skin! This one costs the low price of 15.95! It can be found right here.

4. Stand for Safety Razor & Shaving Brush

Photo: Fendrihan

Now, to keep everything together, they'll need a suitable stand of course! This one is sharp, distinctive and $29.50. I holds a safety razor and shaving brush. They also carry it in chrome! Available here.

Moving out of shaving and INTO Clothing & Accessories..

5. '91 Watch

Photo: Fjordson

Photo: Fjordson

This is the '91 watch by Fjordson. It's super stylish, classy and effortless.. Really perfect for anyone! The strap is 20mm Vegan Ecoleather and comes in brown and black. What's really spectacular about this one (besides the style) is that it is perfectly suitable for the outdoors! (DING!) The number one complaint made by my Dad regarding nice watches is that they ALWAYS get trashed on the job! They get wet, scratched, broken etc. This watch is scratch resistant as well as water resistant! Now, these guys aren't particularly cheap.. So if you're okay to splurge on gifts this Father's Day, they retail for about $305.00 CAD after conversion. They are very low on stock, however, so don't ponder on these too long if you're interested! You can take a look at them here!

If you're looking specifically for a great Vegan watch that's under $200, you also should definitely check out Votch- my favourite Vegan watch shop! Still on the pricier end, but worth it! They have many style options as well.

6. Grant Slim Fit Chambray Shirt

Photo: Banana Republic

Photo: Banana Republic

As the title mentions- these are slim fit shirts, so I would adjust the size accordingly depending on Dad's fit preference! These chambray shirts are Banana Republic, they're available in store and online. They're casual, fashionable and simple! What Dad doesn't like simple?! They also have a chest pocket! My picks are the pictured denim and dark grey. They retail for 95.00CAD. The denim can be found here and the grey can be found here.

7. Herban Cowboy Grooming Dusk Cologne


Herban Cowboy Grooming Dusk Cologne- free of dyes, parabens and sulphates. Vegan and cruelty free of course! It costs about $22 to $25 CAD depending on where you get it from. You can find it on,, at your local Whole foods or Choices Market! You can check out for a full list of U.S and Canadian Retailers as well as get some more information!

Next up, Hair care!

If Dad has no hair, feel free to scroll ahead two items!

8. VERB Ghost Oil


My Dad has long hair so hair care is especially important! This oil is incredible. I love it, I want everyone to have it and use it! AH, it's amazing. The purpose of the oil is to smooth and moisturize the hair. It is also meant to strengthen the hair follicle! Its good for ANY hair type.. yes, you read correctly- ANY HAIR TYPE. Anyone can use it!! I have damaged hair (from all the bleaching of course) and its wonderful for me- very effective for smoothing out the frizz. It's Cruelty free, Paraben free and gluten free! It's $16.00 for 2oz. You can get it at your local Sephora, or online via or here from Verb!

9. Avalon Organics Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

Photo: Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics products are Vegan, Cruelty free, paragon free, sustainable and are made from plant based ingredients. they have an extensive range of Shampoo and conditioner, I'm linking the therapy line today! The therapy line includes; Thickening, Scalp Normalizing, Damage Control and Anti- Dandruff shampoos/conditioner. They are restorative, protective, moisturizing and PH balanced. They can be found at Whole Foods or here from Avalon!

Moving onto Home & Kitchen!

10. Cuisinart Forged Knife Set


This 14pc Cuisinart Knife set is on Sale at Canadian Tre for the LOW price of $59.99! From $199.99. What more do I need to say? Everyone needs good Kitchen knives.. I should upgrade myself, actually. You can visit you local Canadian Tire for this great set or order online here!

11. Numi Organic Tea - Numi's Collection

Photo: Numi Tea

Tea is a great gift, it's always been a great gift and will always be! A variety pack is aways a good way to go for a gift as well.. Options!

I drink #Numi tea quite regularly.. In fact, I may just be drinking a cup right now.. Its organic, non GMO, pure and delicious. They offer bagged tea as well as loose and a 16 bag ct box in Canada is going to cost you $9.99. You can find it at Wholefoods, Choices, Nesters and most health food grocery stores! Its also available on , and here on Numi's website.

12. Kicking horse Coffee - 454 Horse Power Dark Roast


#Coffee, just like tea- is a timeless gift! Kicking horse is my go-to coffee at home. It's rich, smooth, organic and fair trade! 454 horse power is a dark roast (my Dad loves dark roast coffee), it comes ground or whole bean. It's $12.99 and usually on sale for $9.99 at most retailers for a 284g bag! You can get it at most grocery stores as well as London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart. Online, you can find it on Amazon and! You can read al about it and the different roasts here on Kicking Horse's Website!

13. Gastown Candle

Photo: Vancouver Candle Co.

This is the Gastown Candle from The Vancouver neighbourhood collection by Vancouver Candle Co.! They have many great scents, but I picked out this one specifically with my Dad in mind! It's smokey, woodsy and spicy. It has a nice overall musky tone. The Vancouver Candle Co's candles are made from soy wax and with cotton wicks. They cost $38 and are available here on their website or can be found at Chapters Indigo as well as Welks on Main St.

13A. Saje Liquid Sunshine Candle

Photo: Saje

I also wanted to share Saje's Soy candles (hence 13A.)

Liquid Sunshine is a very bright, orange citrusy scent and happens to be one of the most popular selling essential oils that #Saje carries.. So that transformed into a #candle? Amazing, right?! Citrus scents are very uplifting and refreshing I find, I just love citrus! These run from $20- $29 depending on size. You can get the pictured candle here! The candles also come in some of Saje's other popular scents; Tantra, Rainforest, Woodland Springs and Silence.

Up next- Tools and Automotive..

14. HUSKY 20in 3- Drawer Portable Toolbox

Photo: Home Depot

Every handyman Dad needs a toolbox! My Dad is a carpenter so he needs all the toolboxes he can get really! Whats great about this one is that it has three drawers and a tray. It's also portable and very sleek looking! Who says a #toolbox can't be classy? Its 20inches and retails for $79.98 at Home Depot. You can order it here or take a trip down to your local Depot!

15. Goodyear Premium 4 Piece Car Mats

Photo: Home Depot

The last on the list.. Car mats! Where can you really go wrong? Has Dad had the same Car Mats for the past 10 years? Why not treat him to some new mats! These mats pictured are grey but come in black, they're universal so you can put them in any vehicle. If you really want to, you can contact the auto maker and get some brand name mats! You can also have them custom fit for the vehicle! (oo lala) These ones pictured are Goodyear, and are available here at Home Depot!

Thanks for reading, and happy gifting! #fatherday #fathersday2018 #fathersdaygiftguide #giftguide2018 #giftguide #vancouvercandleco #canadiantire #homedepot #avalonorganics #verb #bananarepublic #dad #giftideas #vegan #vegangiftguide #herbancowboy #fendrihan #fjordson #blog #vancouver #imperial #kickinghorse #yvr #fashion #lifestyle

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