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About Me

Hi, I'm Caitlin!


I'm a lover of animals, plants and people, of art, style, design, photography and so much more!


I'm an Artist and a Makeup Artist. I paint, I draw, I photograph, I write, I play, I style. I love creating and I love creating not only for myself, but for others. Art is something I've appreciated my whole life and have come to know more and more throughout the years. Art is everywhere and it's everything! Whether you love books, music, social media, theatre, paintings, pictures, architecture etc. - art is all around you. I believe there always has been and always will be something for everyone.

I'm Vegan, I love all animals and the Earth. All the furry friends I've met and even the ones I have never met around the world have my heart! I love choosing and making food that empowers me, that makes me feel well and happy, and I love being able to share that with others.

I'm a summer baby, a Leo, born late in July. I love all seasons. The Winter, however,  has to be my favourite. I love the brisk air and the smell. I enjoy being bundled up, making hot soups, teas and coffees, and I especially enjoy a chance to be cozied up by a fireplace. I love activities, ideas and events associated with different seasons, they're interesting and comforting! Whether it be holidays, seasonal foods, feelings and surroundings. Every Season seems to have something to say. Sangria, sunshine and beaches in the Summer. Crisp leaves, autumn breeze, pumpkins and tea in the Fall. Ice skating, mittens and hot cider in the Winter. Daisies, gardens and the sound of the birds and bees in the Spring. What's not to love all year round!

I've wanted to create a blog for a very long time and here we are! I've started this blog to share my life, art, thoughts and feelings through pictures and words. I want to share with you all that makes me happy, makes me feel whole, all that helps me and inspires me to hopefully inspire you! Whether it be food, fashion, decor, lifestyle, I want to put it out there! This is my blog, These are a few short paragraphs to sum up, well, me! Welcome and I hope you stay awhile!

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